On this website there are over 25 trailers I have edited or produced as a studio executive. We specialize in trailers for independent films, studios looking for creative options, and promotional reels that benefit from 30 years of successful movie openings and marketing experience.

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Creating an effective thirty-second commercial is the engine that drives a motion picture marketing campaign. The ability to break-through the clutter and present a compelling message to your target audience can make the difference between a successful opening weekend and the unfortunate alternative.


A “Rip-o-Matic” is a trailer for a movie that hasn’t been made yet. Often used by distributors in the foreign sales of a film, Rip-o-Matics have become incredibly valuable as a tool for casting a film, demonstrating a marketing strategy, recruiting production talent and serving as a tool for funding, such as Kickstarter.

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I’ve spent 15 years creating motion picture advertising materials. I’ve spent 20 years on the studio side as a senior-level marketing executive for Castle Rock Entertainment, Warner Bros Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment. I’m a Professor of Public Relations and Advertising at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts (Chapman University) the fourth-ranked film school in the country.